Chocolate Fantasy

31 January 2018 in Individual Interiors
Chocolate Fantasy

For this project we’ve been task to transform a small simple room that previously was used as a small home office, into a comfortable airy bedroom with lots of storage for different people that might spend the night over. Even though this design was not made for a specific person, we decide to give it a little personality and character so that everybody feels like home.

The theme of the project, as the name implies, is chocolate or even better than that, a fantasy about chocolate, a CHOCOLATE FANTESY  if you will. So we focused on one specific feeling that the client had in mind, one of the things that shaped her childhood, one of the things that will forever remain with her, the little cake shop at the end of her street and the smell of fresh chocolate early in the mornings.

Being a bedroom after all, we had to keep the “sugar” level down (and by sugar we mean the mixture of colors, textures and materials that gives you that level of energy and intensity, much as the sugar in chocolate does) and make sure we don’t let ourselves carried away. So besides the overall color scheme, the bedroom had to do one more very important job, and that was to help you relax, lie down and put you into a tranquilize state where you can just enjoy life and feel at home.

by Tudor Andrei

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