Classic Memories

31 May 2017 in Individual Interiors
Classic Memories

How would you like wake up in the morning and following the smell of coffee, you stumble into this kitchen? Would that make a beautiful start of the day? How about every morning? Would that be something you would get used to? Because for sure we will!

This is the kitchen in the one of the two showroom type apartments that we designed for a real estate agency (the other one is called MODERN CRAFTSMAN, and you can find it by browsing through the projects). The task was pretty straightforward: 2 budget kitchens, each one with his own style.

The Classic Memories kitchen wants to bring back the vintage feel of an old kitchen, but doing so by using the latest materials and techniques. Classic style kitchens have remained as the most popular style for years because, well, they’re classic! Classic kitchens are timeless yet fresh. This is a stylethat almost everyone feels comfortable in, even some the modernists among us. White kitchens define this style.

Traditional features of a classic kitchen design scheme include: a neutral color palate, close attention to detail and minimal use of enhanced decorative accessories.

by Tudor Andrei

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