Dusk Vision

16 November 2016 in Individual Interiors
Dusk Vision

For this project we need to point out that the design for a modern room needs to be spacious, well lighten; it needs to give you that sense of freedom and appetite for life. All of these can be shown with a simple, original and attractive game of colors. The white on the walls is an absolute necessity to burst the sensation of space and with the contrast given by the wooden floor, the room starts to become really commodious, airy and lighten.

Those principles we applied in this bedroom, where the theme, as the name suggest (Dusk Vision), was to create a space where the client could completely relax under the light of the sun right before the sun sets. And because the main “actor” of this scene is that sunlight in that golden hour, the bedroom had to be simplified to the extreme. Therefore, the 3 zones of the bedroom (the sleeping area, the cloth storage area and the reading area) become almost unnoticeable, and they subscribe to the simplicity of the room who helps the exterior light travel through the room creating this dream like evening atmosphere.

But through all of these simplicity, we still need some powerful elements, with character, to balance the aesthetics. So we introduce in the design of the bedroom 2 elements (the dresser and the curtains) which though powerful color elements on their own, in this context all they do is to show even further the simplicity of the room and by the contrast given by them, the space gets that personal touch and uniqueness.

by Tudor Andrei

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