16 February 2016 in Individual Interiors

Probably the first thought that comes to mind when you’re thinking about designing a room with sea influence, is some shade of blue, but at the see you can also find sand shades, ubiquitous greys and even delicate shades of beige and white. Also textures like natural fibers and wood or even un-straight surfaces are a constantly present. So if you would like your home deign to evoke the ocean, then probably this next project will inspire you.

Being located at a few hundred meters away from the shore, this design of a one-bedroom apartment has a relax approach, full of natural light, in a maritime style through shades and textures, reinterpreted however in a modern manner. The functionality of the space is given by the design of the furniture and the layout of the room, everything being designed for a contemporary life.

In this case, the newly build apartment building, who face the sea, it brings the beautiful view indoors through its windows. Therefore, the design of the space is based on simplicity, with white shades on the wall and ceiling, with textures of stones the main area and with the combination of furniture, decoration and lighting fixtures. The architecture, here, is formed to guide the human eye towards the screen type elements and beyond to the main focus. THE SEA!

by Tudor Andrei

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