23 April 2018 in Individual Interiors

Peoples dreams to have a perfect home is something that we focus on every day. It is very important what they want and even more importantly, how we make it reality. We present you next, a beautiful interior design, with earth like shades of brown and beige, balanced and nice to the eye. The mix between brown and beige in the living room will never fail, this being the biggest advantage in the usage of those two shades.

The mixing of brown and beige, invites to relax, quiet, warmth and comfort. They are colors easy to integrate, which looks good in every interior. Chromatic synonyms of comfort, brown and beige are a successful match which gives energy and stability in your home. The brown is a natural color, neutral, soothing, being the perfect choice for those who appreciatecalmness and peace in the house.

The designer propose for this living functional pieces of furniture, well placed and not a lot of decorative items to maintain more of a clean image. Happy and natural shades of fresh green, red and beige have been integrated to generate lighten and energetic ambient. The custom made furniture preserves the natural chromatic and it contains a lot of interior storage spaces as well as exterior through shelves.

by Tudor Andrei

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