Upstate Sanctuary

31 January 2019 in Individual Interiors
Upstate Sanctuary

The classic Scandinavian design place functionality above aesthetics and keep color to a bare minim. In fact, minimalism is an inherent feature of this style. Elegant, simple and beautiful; the unassuming charm of Scandinavian style draws us all in instantly. But over time, creative designers and homeowners have cleverly combined other styles with the Scandinavian one.

One amazing thing about the Scandinavian style is the neutral backdrop that they offer, making it possible for you to decorate with statement pieces and sculptural additions in a truly exquisite fashion. Color is a great way of doing this and once the accent hue has run its course, you can switch it out for another seasonal hotshot.

For this project we got a step further and add some character via furniture and décor, such as the pattern leather wall with warm light, oversize pouf and modern metal pendant light. Well-styled Scandinavian rooms contrast the straight lines in bookshelves, desk and dressing, with organic curved lines. We considered bringing the outdoor in, not only by the oversized window but also by the oversized plant. A tall framed artwork adds height alongside smaller vases and other objects grouped together in a way that appears curated, not cluttered.

by Tudor Andrei

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