Urban Seafoam

16 November 2018 in Individual Interiors
Urban Seafoam

When we think of brown, we may think of a color that really isn’t used as a main source or aesthetics. Brown is usually the color for accent pieces and furniture because it can be tough to work in into the all-around style of the room, especially if you paint the walls brown shades. Blue is a classic and endlessly customizable choice for a color scheme. Every shade of blue will add a different feel to your room.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with white, pastel or neutral wall, but if you’re playing it safe just because you fear dark tones will turn your bedroom into a cave, I have other news for you. No matter how dark you go, you can still have a bedroom that’s airy, glamorous, contemporary. The secret is balancing strong color against the rest of the room’s décor.

There is certainly some blue coloring going on in this room. This bedroom has very minimal space to work with, but I think that it makes it easier for the brown and blue to work together. Here we see the brown wood on the walls mixed with the whites of the bed and those teal accents on the pillows and blanket. The curtains make a great separator from whatever is outside.

by Tudor Andrei

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